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About Divya Desam

Annan Perumal kovil is a beautiful Village located in Nagapattinam District,Tamil Nadu State, India 7 Kms in south east of Sirkazhi. This Village is the one of the 108 Vaishnava Divya Desams and the Mangalasasanam is being performed by the Thirumangai Alwar. This village is having 4 veedhis around Kovil and Kulam. This Village is an assortment of tranquility, serenity, quietude and innocence.  Along with numerous small and big Agriculture lands, several water ways, chirping of Birds, swinging of emerald trees, Speaking in a low voice the tale of languishment and love to the big and clear blue sky give a mesmerizing, Captivating and bewitching effect to the village.  The basic Occupation of the people is Agriculture. This village is comprised of different castes and creeds which rightly demonstrates the principles of “Unity in Diversity”.



Kumuthavalli Nachiyar was found on the banks of the pond and brought up by a vaishanvite who later was married to the Thirumangai Alwar. Annan Perumal is considered as elder to Thiruvinnagar i.e. Uppiliappan kovil and the Thirumalai. Any prarthanai to be performed to either of the two can be performed hear. In the mangalasasanam for Annan Perumal and Thirumalai  only Thirumangai Azwar used the word “Anna”. The name of the deity is also Annan perumal  is the speciality which now here you can find.

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